Beerlab! Releases Four Seasonal Beers for Summer

LONDON, ON – Beerlab! has announced the release of four new beers designed to help you “cool down and beat the heat” this summer.

Softer Focus DH Sour (5.4% abv):

A fun, refreshing, lightly soured beer, full of all sorts of summer aromas. Loaded with Citra hops we get sweet pink grapefruit, candied orange zest, and peach tarts. This is ready for brunch at the cottage, or your post hammock nap pick me up.

Exploding Star DIPA (8.4% abv):

Our return to brewing Double IPA’s has us starting to experiment with PHANTASM ™ for the first time. Mosaic, Idaho7, and Citra are all present in this DIPA, bringing a huge charge of ripe berry, zesty tangerine, a bit of dank, and a finish of bold citrus. Poolside here we go…

Fog Weaver IPA (6% abv):

We were excited with the PHANTASM ™ and wanted to integrate it into as many beers as we could. With this IPA we brought in Amarillo, Citra, Mosaic and Mosaic Incognito, trying to see how we could best utilize hops and hop products. We’re getting fresh squeezed orange and tangerine, blueberry/blackberry jam, fresh peach and a touch of mango. Basically, this is our new favourite beer of ours… (ask us, we don’t say this very often).

Stillwater Lager (4.9% abv):

This is the newest decoction lager that we’ve brewed here at Beerlab! We brewed this lager with the intent of it being an everyday, everyone, anywhere beer. Bright gold in colour, soft on the palate, and just a bit of that biscuit/cracker we love, this lager will fulfill everyone’s summer requirements.

All four beers are available now at the Beerlab! retail store and online shop.

Source & Photo: Beerlab!

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