Left Field Brewery Releases Allegheny Splash Tangerine Peach Float and #HUGWATCH Pale Ale

TORONTO, ON – Left Field Brewery has announced the release of two brand new beers.

Allegheny Splash Tangerine Peach Float (5% abv):

A fruited sour with big fruit energy, Allegheny Splash is a refreshing plunge into the river on a scorching hot day. With an out-of-the-park left-handed home run smash of peach and tangerine and a subtle splash of vanilla and sweet, creamy lactose, this lightly sour beer drinks like the peach juice of your childhood dreams topped with a vanilla custard swirl.

#HUGWATCH Pale Ale (4.5% abv):

Here to mark the most restless week of the season – AKA Trade Deadline – sip this hazy Pale Ale while you keep one eye on the dugout and the other on your Twitter feed and watch for the telltale sign that a player may soon be wearing another team’s threads: a hug from a teammate or coach. With flavours of grapefruit and melon, and aromas of tangerine and geranium #HUGWATCH Pale Ale is a hazy, golden and glowing light for these bittersweet moments. Better get the tissues ready!

Both beers are available now at the Left Field retail store and online shop.

Source & Photo: Left Field Brewery

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