Cabin Brewing Releases New Dawn Pale Ale

CALGARY, AB – Cabin Brewing has announced a new release that explores the effect thiols have on hop-forward beers.

New Dawn Pale Ale (4.5% abv):

For our second thiol-rich beer we’ve created an easy-drinking tropical ale that is simply perfect for these long, hot days. New Dawn Pale Ale with Cosmic Punch Yeast uses gargantuan amounts of Cascade and Hallertau Mittelfruh – two hops that don’t usually get much hype time, but from which we coaxed an unwordly amount of flavour and aroma thanks to the thiol-enhancing properties of the Omega yeast strain. Big notes of yuzu, passionfruit, blood orange, guava and white wine are present, balanced by a simple yet pleasant malt backbone and a glorious golden haze. Magic? Not really. Science? Probably. Tasty? Aw heck yeah it is!

New Dawn is available now at the Cabin Brewing taproom and online store, and soon at select beer retailers in Alberta.

Source & Photo: Cabin Brewing

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