Sawdust City Brewing Releases Chuffed To Bits British Pale Ale

GRAVENHURST, ON – Sawdust City Brewing has announced the release of a new limited edition ale.

Chuffed To Bits British Pale Ale (4.7% abv):

A very traditional ale, the British “mild” is a mainstay of pubs across the UK. This beer is a nod to those brewing traditions. Using malt and yeast from England we created a pale ale that is malt forward and easy drinkin’. The use of honey malt adds a touch of sweetness and rye malt a little spiciness on the palate.

“Chuffed to bits” is an expression that describes a great deal of pleasure. We hope that’s exactly how you’ll feel kicking back with a pint of this one!

Chuffed To Bits is available now in the Sawdust City retail store and online shop.

Source & Photo: Sawdust City Brewing

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