Torque Brewing Releases Dreamwork White IPA for 6th Anniversary

WINNIPEG, MB – Torque Brewing has announced the release of a new beer to mark the brewery’s 6th anniversary.

Dreamwork White IPA (6.2% abv):

This is a beer brewed after six years collecting experience, expertise, gains, losses, having fun, having a bit of stress, seeing people cheering, seeing people having to stay in lockdowns…

In six years, the beer industry changed, our company changed, our team changed, and every one of us changed – some of us had babies, some of us got haircuts, some of us got promotions, some of us moved on to chase our dreams, and some of us are a mix of all this, and all of us shared beers along this way!

We are thankful for these six years and to be able to keep sending our beer – product of water, grains, hops and yeast, but most importantly, product of our people and everything they have learned, shared, and poured their hearts into – out there.

Dreamwork is available now at the Torque taproom and retail store.

Source & Photo: Torque Brewing

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