Sawdust City Brewing Releases Harmless Sorcery IIIPA

GRAVENHURST, ON – Sawdust City Brewing has announced the release of a “fruity, tropical, triple IPA that’s magic in a glass.”

Harmless Sorcery IIIPA (10% abv):

Like a mystical wizard conjuring majestic spells from just his finger tips, our brewers have divined some magic of their own from four simple ingredients. Harmless Sorcery IIIPA is a showcase of the brewers’ dark arts. Enchanting tropical, citrus aromas float from the glass as otherworldly flavours of orange, mango and pine mesmerize the tongue. And with a clever sleight of hand, the ABV is deceptively hidden. How did they do it? A magician never tells.

Harmless Sorcery is available now at the Sawdust City retail shop and online store.

Source & Photo: Sawdust City Brewing

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