Quayle’s Brewery Releases Lazerbeetle Fresh Hop Pale Ale

ORO-MEDONTE, ON – Quayle’s Brewery has announced the release of its first fresh hop beer of 2022.

Lazerbeetle (5% abv):

Lazerbeetle is a hazy pale ale brimming with freshness! Fresh hops at every stage in the process resulted in flavours of ripe oranges, mango, and fresh cut grass. Using Cascade hops right from our farm, this beer is as fresh and crisp as the autumn morning air! You can’t get much fresher than this – the hops were harvested literally minutes before going into the tanks!

Our hop yards are one of the few in the province to get attacked by Japanese beetles. These bugs swarm in mid-July and can devour plants within days – they feast on the leaves, depriving the plants of the nutrition they need to develop hop cones, thus stunting/aborting cones. They are an iridescent black colour that casts shiny rainbow-like patterns when you look at them in the sunlight. We thought we would name a beer after them this year! Even though they get a “share” of our crop, we still made a great beer from our 2022 harvest!

Lazerbeetle is available now at the Quayle’s Brewery retail store and online shop. It will also be on tap at the brewery this weekend alongside four other fresh hop beers including Left Bauer Fresh Hop Pilsner (Triple Perle), Bull Chute Fresh Hop IPA (Cascade), String and Twirl Fresh Hop Saison (Cascade and Sorachi Ace), and Cabin Fever Crab Apple Sour (with Dolgo Crab Apples).

Source & Photo: Quayle’s Brewery

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