Fairweather Brewing Releases Feast Bier Lager

HAMILTON, ON – Fairweather Brewing has announced the release of its take on a classic German Festbier

Feast Bier (5.8% abv):

All hail Oktoberfest; a span of time to celebrate drinking, indulgence, and hedonism! Though you won’t find us confidently walking around in some Dirndl or Lederhosen, you will find us imbibing several ENORMOUS steins of Feast Bier.

A biscuity, malt-forward lager with notes of toffee, finishing with a delicious, gentle bitterness. A touch of spice is brought to you by the noble hops and there ya go, we have a comically large glass full of German drinking traditions! Prost!

Feast Bier is available now at the Fairweather taproom and online shop.

Source & Photo: Fairweather Brewing

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