Craft Heads Brewing Opens Pre-Orders for 2022 Advent Calendar

WINDSOR, ON – Craft Heads Brewing has announced that it is accepting pre-orders for the 2022 edition of its Advent Calendar mixed case.

As described in the announcement:

Once again are brewing 24 days of new and different releases. From hybrid and classic styles to brewing with unique ingredients and beer collaborations – every single beer is a new release. Let me repeat that for dramatic effect…


This is a beer-festival-in-a-box brewed specifically for you or your loved ones. Yes, that is 24 days of something special. 24 days that we get to hang out. 24 day of feeling like a kid again… and the best part is, you won’t know what the beer is until the day of! Just like years prior, we will be releasing the beer name and description at 12:01am each day to guarantee a surprise each morning. Simply scan the QR code or head to the link to reveal the new beer of the day!

The 2022 Craft Heads Advent Calendar can be pre-ordered now via the brewery’s online store, and will be available for pick-up and delivery in the last week of November.

Source & Photo: Craft Heads Brewing

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