Barnside Brewing Releases 2022 Farm Fresh Hop IPA

DELTA, BC – Barnside Brewing has announced the release of this year’s edition of its annual fresh hop ale.

2022 Farm Fresh Hop IPA (5.3% abv):

Over the past year we have been working with a yeast strain we isolated and propagated from our Chinook cones, lovingly named ‘Hoppy Cone Surfer’. This yeast has been the driving force in fermenting our Hop Yard Sour (along with our sourdough bacterial culture) and following a year of successful production we decided to give it the spotlight!

The result? A truly unique, 100% Barnside Fresh Hop, highlighting the best of what we grow, with over 500lbs of FRESH Cascade and Chinook hops. And when we say FRESH, we mean it – we’re talking 20 minutes from field to kettle! You won’t find this beer anywhere else – it’s the true taste of Ladner terroir. You can expect notes of citrus, pine, wildflowers, tropical & stone fruits, and spice, all atop our Pilsner malt and oats.

2022 Farm Fresh Hop IPA will be officially launched tomorrow (October 7th) at the Barnside tasting room and online shop.

Source & Photo: Barnside Brewing

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