Iqaluit Voters Reject Off-Site Beer Sales by Breweries

IQALUIT, NU – A plebiscite held earlier this week to decide whether or not breweries in the city should be allowed to sell beer to-go ended with a “no” result, although turnout for the vote was very low.

According to Elections Nunavut, 374 votes were placed, reflecting only 9.18% of eligible voters. The results broke down to 180 (48.1%) in favour of the proposal, and 194 (51.9%) opposed, with 7 rejected ballots.

A result of 60% or more “yes” votes was needed for the measure to be approved, which would have allowed customers to purchase up to 12 cans or bottles per day at Nunavut Brewing Company – currently the only brewery in the city – and any future breweries that might open there.

With this rejection, consumer sales at Nunavut Brewing will remain limited to draught beer consumed on-site, while cans of its Floe Edge Lager (5% abv), Aupaqtuq Red Ale (5% abv), and Frob Gold Strong Ale (6.8% abv) can be purchased at the government-run Iqaluit Beer & Wine Store.

Source: Nunatsiaq News
Photo: Elections Nunavut

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