Great Lakes Brewery Releases Sultana Solero New England IPA

TORONTO, ON – Great Lakes Brewery has announced the release of a new and juicy IPA.

Sultana Solero New England IPA (5.8% abv):

Did you know that farmers sometimes grow brand new strains of hops? Well they do! Or at least that’s what they tell us. Sultana tastes like the good frozen pineapple from Costco and Solero is like a big bag of tropical jelly beans, a product that I can only assume exists. A juicy blast of tropical vibes, featuring papaya, mango and white grape on the nose, with sweet peach and nectarine on the flavour. Creamy with some micro effervescence gives it a touch of elegance within a tropical candy coat.

Sultana Solero is available now at both Great Lakes retail stores and the brewery’s online shop.

Source & Photos: Great Lakes Brewery

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