Superflux Beer Company Releases Experimental IPA #32 & #33

VANCOUVER, BC – Superflux Beer Company has announced the release of the latest pair in its ongoing series of one-off IPAs.

Experimental IPA #32 & #33 (6.5% abv):

These two IPAs were brewed with the same base recipe and then dry hopped with some New Zealand hop varieties grown by Freestyle Hops.

PINK CAN (#32): Dry hopped with Motueka and Peacharine. It is a little more soft and subtle with notes of nectarine, lime, and cedar.

BLUE CAN (#33): Dry hopped with a lot of Rakau and a little bit of Citra Cryo. The Rakau presents itself a little more bold and dank with notes of plum, honeydew melon, and apricot.

Experimental IPA #32 & #33 will be released tomorrow (November 5th) in a mixed four-pack at the Superflux retail store, and can be ordered now via the online shop.

Source & Photo: Superflux Beer Company

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