Strange Fellows Brewing Releases Cyclhops Sultana Single-Hopped IPA

VANCOUVER, BC – Strange Fellows Brewing has announced the latest release in its Cyclhops series of single-hopped IPAs.

Cyclhops Sultana IPA (6.5% abv):

Was the cyclops misunderstood? Known throughout time as the man-eating, one-eyed giant, his revenge on the Greek hero Odysseus incited one of the greatest epic adventures of all time. Perhaps the Cyclops’ lone peeper symbolized a cosmic third eye responsible for the foresight of historic proportions.

Something to ponder while you enjoy this single-hopped IPA – a balanced ale with Sultana’s flavours of pineapple, bright citrus & peach – that may inspire a different outlook on things.

Cyclhops Sultana is available now at the Strange Fellows retail store and online shop, and starting next week at local private beer retailers.

Source & Photo: Strange Fellows Brewing

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