Medicine Hat Brewing Company Releases Hærfest Rye Pale Ale

MEDICINE HAT, AB – Medicine Hat Brewing has announced the release of its newest small batch seasonal ale.

Hærfest Rye Pale Ale (5.6% abv):

Hærfest: Har•vest (n.) Old English for the season of Autumn or Fall when crops were harvested and people were gathered together.

Just like relaxing and admiring a southern Alberta field of golden rye, sometimes simple is best. Made with 10% malted rye, this beer is an exercise in simplicity. Just enough crystal malt to help balance out the pepperiness of malted rye, pale 2 row malt and some newer varietal North American hops for bitterness and aromas.

Hærfest is available now at the Medicine Hat Brewing taproom and retail store.

Source & Photo: Medicine Hat Brewing

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