Indie Alehouse Launches Indie X Collaboration Series with West Coast IPA

TORONTO, ON – Indie Alehouse has announced the first in a series of 10 collaborative beers that are being released to celebrate the brewery’s 10th anniversary.

Indie X 001: West Coast IPA (6.9% abv):

Our first 10th anniversary collaboration is with our friends from Amsterdam, Great Lakes, and Sawdust City. We brewed a beer together 10 years ago on our opening day, so we invited them back to do another on our 10th anniversary. Keeping it basic and making what we all would drink 10 years ago and today, we are happy to share this new take on an Old School West Coast IPA.

Indie X 001 is available now – along with Indie’s new European Export Lager (5.7% abv) and fresh batches of Indie ESB (5.1% abv) and Skyfall Saison (5.5% abv) – at the Indie Alehouse retail shop and online store.

Source & Photo: Indie Alehouse

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