Cabin Brewing Brings Back Four Alive Fruited Sour

CALGARY, AB – Cabin Brewing has announced that “now that the great guava shortage of 2022 is over, we’re super stoked to re-release one of our most favourite fruit beers that we’ve made to date.”

Four Alive (5% abv):

When your get up and go has got up and gone… turn yourself back on with Four Alive! Four Alive is a sour fruit and malt beverage, with pure juice from four delicious fruits – passionfruit, guava, mango and pineapple. So much fruit makes it one refreshing drink. With a wholesome amount of tartness to keep those taste buds tantalized, you’ll want to take four – a four-pack that is.

Four Alive is available now at the Cabin taproom, retail store, and online shop, and select beer retailers in Alberta.

Source & Photo: Cabin Brewing

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