Strange Fellows Brewing Releases Velvet Bourbon-Barrel Aged Porter and Snowbird Boris With Coconut

VANCOUVER, BC – Strange Fellows Brewing has announced the release of “two new dark beers for this season of slowing down & cozying up”.

Velvet Bourbon-Barrel Aged Porter (5.3% abv):

Since way back when we’ve gazed up at it, seeking meaning in its velvet depths, assigning myths to its constellations which we follow as calendar & compass. We wish upon its shooting stars, dream of life on distant planets, & interpret its comets as heralds of impending change or doom. Who knows what it all really means, but we can raise a glass of this full-bodied Porter – with its rich malty aroma & hint of Bourbon – to the profound possibility of the night sky.

Snowbird Boris With Coconut (10.3% abv) is the latest variant on the brewery’s Boris Imperial Stout:

Thinking that his friends who fly South for the Winter might be on to something, Owl decided to give it a try. Once there, he wondered why he didn’t go sooner. Wasn’t he supposed to be the wise one? On his flight home, Owl kindly carried a coconut for the sparrow who couldn’t, thus bringing a tropical note to this smooth & rich bourbon barrel-aged stout. You can ponder whether the sparrow was African or European as you enjoy Snowbird’s complex layers of toasted coconut, chocolate & bourbon.

Velvet and Snowbird are available now at the Strange Fellows retail store and online shop.

Source & Photo: Strange Fellows Brewing

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