2 Crows Brewing Releasing Six Beers for 6th Anniversary

HALIFAX, NS – 2 Crows Brewing has announced details of six beers that are being released this weekend to mark the brewery’s 6th anniversary.

Mambo No. 1 / Mambo No. 2 / Mambo No. 3 / Mambo No. 4 (9.7% abv) are all variants of the same batch of Imperial Stout which was “split into 4, and that is where the fun begins…”:

Mambo No. 1 — Just the base. Really smooth, really big, really lovely. Lots of chocolate, a bit of liquorice, lots of body, lots of fun.

Mambo No. 2 — Conditioned on massive amounts of cocoa, as well as marshmallow and graham crackers. Liquid s’mores.

Mambo No. 3 — Conditioned on massive amounts of cocoa, and even more massive amounts of toasted coconut. Liquid Bounty Bar?

Mambo No. 4 — Conditioned on massive amounts of cocoa (again), plus coffee and maple syrup. Kinda like a messed up breakfast, if you’re Buddy the Elf of something.

Squeezie Smoothie Sour (5.1% abv):

We brewed a high gravity base of Pilsner, Golden Promise, and wheat malt, and fermented it with an acid-producing yeast that is new to us. After fermentation, we cold crashed the beer hard to get as much yeast out as possible.

Immediately before canning, we combined the 10.2% ABV sour base with an equal volume of fruit puree — 44% mango, 33% banana, 11% passion fruit, and 11% coconut cream — diluting it to a total ABV of 5.1%. We mixed like mad, carbonated, and canned then pasteurized this concoction immediately to prevent refermentation in can, as it’s got a whole lot of fruity sugar in there.

The result? About what you’d expect for something that is 50% fruit puree. It is thick, juicy, and tastes + looks like something you’d get at the food court.

Space Words Triple IPA (10.1% abv):

A returning favourite. This has become one of our most requested beers over the past few years, so it seems like this is gonna see the light of day a bit more. Super aggressively dry hopped with Galaxy, Eclipse, and a small amount of Comet. One of the juiciest, boldest, hoppiest beers in our arsenal.

All six beers are available for pre-order exclusively for 2 Crows newsletter subscribers, and will be released to the general public in the brewery taproom, retail store and online shop on Saturday January 28th at 12:00 noon.

The anniversary celebrations will continue at the brewery on Sunday January 29th at 12:00 noon with a Stout Sunday tap feature, a food pop-up by Coda Ramen, and live music starting at 7:00 PM.

Source & Photos: 2 Crows Brewing

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