Category 12 Brewing Launches Breakthru Gluten-Removed Beers

VICTORIA, BC – Category 12 Brewing has announced the launch of a new line of “thoughtfully crafted, gluten-removed beer for everyone.”

Breakthru by Category 12 has the following background:

After months of research, planning, and fun execution, we’re incredibly excited to bring a delicious option to those who need (or want) to eliminate gluten from their diet. Michael has kept his scientific muscles limber, and we’re proud to be leveraging his PhD as an assurance and understanding of all the processes involved in making this a product we’re honoured to stand behind. Check out the video at this link to get a concise explanation of what’s involved, and send it to all of your friends who may be interested in a great tasting, BC-made, gluten-removed beer… that actually tastes like beer!

The first two beers in the line are Breakthru Pilsner (4.9% abv) and Breakthru IPA (6.9% abv),  with Breakthru Pale Ale (4.9% abv) following soon.

Breakthru by Category 12 will be officially launching tomorrow (February 1st), with beers available at the Category 12 taproom, retail store, and online shop, and select craft beer retailers.

Source & Photo: Category 12 Brewing

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