Cabin Brewing Releases Top Shelf Whiskey Sour Ale

CALGARY, AB – Cabin Brewing has announced the release of a new barrel-aged beer inspired by a classic cocktail.

Top Shelf Whiskey Sour Ale (8.4% abv):

Top Shelf mimics that most delicious of cocktails, the whiskey sour. You could just do as the sailors did and squeeze some juice into a glass of booze and call it a scurvy tonic, but we like to think we’ve elevated this tipple to its perfect iteration – in the form of a beer that drinks like a cocktail. To achieve that, we took a tart lemon wheat ale with lactose and aged it for over a year in oak barrels from Kentucky’s very first bourbon distiller – Evan Williams. Yes, there are faint whiffs of mahogany and leather (and maybe a hint of regret), but they are quickly subsumed by the lively, citrus-infused bright notes that bring this beer together into something amazing that is equal parts bright, sweet, tart and complex.

The brewery also notes that the label for Top Shelf are “made from real wood veneer, which means every single label is unique – just like you, you top shelf human you!”

Top Shelf is available now at the Cabin taproom and online store, and select beer retailers in Calgary, with distribution to Edmonton and elsewhere in Central Alberta following later this week.

Source & Photo: Cabin Brewing

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