Craft Heads Brewing and Blak’s Bakery Announce Pączki Day 2023 Collaboration

WINDSOR, ON – Craft Heads Brewing has announced details of its 3rd annual collaboration with a local family-owned bakery that has been in operation for more than a century.

Blak’s Bakery opened in 1918, and is famous for its Pączki, a Polish-style filled donut traditionally enjoyed on Shrove Tuesday, with thousands of them being baked and sold on that day each year.

For this year’s Pączki Day celebration, Craft Heads has once again brewed a Pączki Beer with Blak’s pączki in the mash, and aged it on various pączki fillings including raspberry, custard, nutella, strawberry, lemon, spiced apple, blueberry, and plum.

The results will be released later this month in a Pączki Pack including four cans of Pączki Beer and a 1/2 dozen assorted pączki from Blak’s. A deluxe pack including a bottle of Limited Edition Chocolate Strawberry Sour is also available, as well as add-ons of more Pączki Beer, Blak’s pączki, and the Chocolate Strawberry Sour.

The packs and add-ons can be pre-ordered now via the links in the previous paragraph. Delivery is available in the Windsor-Essex area on Monday February 20th and Tuesday February 21st, and pick-up orders will be ready at the brewery on the Tuesday February 21st aka Pączki Day 2023.

Source & Photo: Craft Heads Brewing

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