Muddy York Brewing Releases Dara Dry Irish Stout

TORONTO, ON – Muddy York Brewing has announced the release of a new stout that has a unique connection to one of the brewery’s other beers.

Dara Dry Irish Stout (4.2% abv)

We brewed this beer using the traditional “parti-gyle” process. Parti-gyle brewing is the process of using a grain bill more than once on the same brew day. The first ‘rinse’ of the grains are used to collect the richest and thickest sugar water and use it to make a higher ABV beer. In this case, we brewed our annual batch of Inkwell Imperial Stout. Rather than disposing of the still sugar-rich spent grains, we rinsed it a second time. This second running was boiled, hopped and then sent to a second fermenter to do its thing!

Having this be our first time trying this process, we weren’t entirely sure what we were going to end up with. Quite happily, Dara Dry Irish Stout turned out absolutely incredible. With a pronounced roast character and dry finish, this beer is incredibly balanced. Appearing jet black, if held at the right angle, you can catch a glimpse of its beautiful dark ruby shining through. We’re not sure we could brew a better Irish Stout if we tried.

Dara Dry Irish Stout is available now in the Muddy York taproom, retail store and online shop.

Source & Photo: Muddy York Brewing

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