Superflux Beer Company Releases Experimental Non-Alcoholic IPA #37 and Experimental Pale Ale #38

VANCOUVER, BC – Superflux Beer Company has announced the release of latest two editions in its ongoing Experimental series of one-off IPAs and Pale Ales.

Experimental Non-Alcoholic IPA #37 (0.5% abv):

So, let’s be honest here. If you’re expecting this Non-alcoholic to taste exactly the same as our other IPAs, it doesn’t. And that’s because it doesn’t have any alcohol in it… and our other IPAs do. This is about as experimental as our Experimental IPA series has ever been, with something entirely new for us in absolutely every way.

One of the key differences between this IPA and its boozy counterparts is the aroma. For this Non-Alcoholic IPA, the Citra dry hop presents itself in the aroma in a much more ‘raw hop pellet’ way than we’re used to. The flavour is a delightful combination of orange creamsicle and lemon rind, with a pleasant lingering sweetness.

Experimental Pale Ale #38 (5.5% abv):

For this Experimental Pale Ale with Passionfruit and Galaxy, we used a slightly more restrained amount of fruit and hops than we normally do. The idea is for it to be light and refreshing and pleasantly drinkable. Passionfruit comes forward in the aroma with the Galaxy dry hop shining through in the taste and finish.

Experimental #37 and #38 are available now at the Superflux taproom, retail store and online shop.

Source & Photo: Superflux Beer Company

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