Quayle’s Brewery Releases Snowstorm IcePA

ORO-MEDONTE, ON – Quayle’s Brewery has announced a new release that it believes “could be the next uniquely Canadian beer style!”

Snowstorm IcePA (9% abv) is a Freeze Distilled Hazy IPA, further described as follows:

This beer has undergone fractional freezing (the entire fermentation tank was dropped in temperature but wasn’t frozen solid) to increase the strength and intensify of the hop flavour. It’s the similar principle that Ice Wine goes through to concentrate the flavours in the wine. We have used Citra, Idaho 7, and Ontario grown Chinook hops for a pineapple, stone fruit, and citrus bomb.

Snowstorm IcePA is available now at the Quayle’s Brewery taproom, retail store and online shop.

Source & Photo: Quayle’s Brewery

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