Banished Brewing Releases Banished Imperial Stout

PARADISE, NL – Banished Brewing has announced the release of a powerful new seasonal beer.

Banished Imperial Stout (9% abv):

Forged in the ever-burning volcanos of Maverick Place, this swirling concoction of darkness stokes the fires deep within that yearn to raze. A tribute to those who have stood up for the people. Perhaps, an Imperial Stout for the anti-imperialist. Mostly though, the villager leading the mule and cart of hay away from the burning castle is hilarious. As if they hit their razing quota for the month and they’re clockin’ out.

Black as night with heavy notes of chocolate and coffee, we didn’t add any adjuncts as we wanted you to know you were drinking a 9% Imperial Stout. A beverage for cold nights and wood stoves. Best enjoyed at, or near, room temperature. This one will age very well so throw a couple in the cellar for a few years.

Banished Imperial Stout is available now at the Banished Brewing retail shop and online store, and will be at select beer retailers in Newfoundland starting next Thursday March 2nd.

Source & Photo: Banished Brewing

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