Rorschach Brewing Releases Tricky Fruit Cereal IPA and Smoove Soft Serve IPA

TORONTO, ON – Rorschach Brewing has announced the release of two beers as part of Breakfast Club, a series of breakfast-inspired beers organized by Third Moon Brewing that are being released by breweries throughout Ontario.

Tricky Fruit Cereal IPA (6% abv):

These tricks are definitely not for kids! Part of an unbalanced breakfast, this IPA is brewed with oats, wheat & lactose sugar, and then conditioned on every bunny’s favourite fruity cereal. Smooth, silky body with abundant notes of juicy, fruit cereal and nostalgic weekend mornings watching cartoons!

Smoove Soft Serve IPA (6% abv):

In our pursuit to push the boundaries of luscious dessert-inspired beers, we bring you our newest creation: Smoove. Brewed with oats and wheat, and then conditioned on dairy-free soft serve mix. Smooth silky body with juicy fruit character and abundant notes of tropical fruit, berry, red fruit and vanilla.

Both beers are available now at the Rorschach taproom, retail store and online shop.

In conjunction with its Breakfast Club releases, Rorschach is accepting donations of non-perishable food for the Allan Gardens Food Bank until February 28th.

Source & Photo: Indie Alehouse

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