Category 12 Brewing Brings Back Doppelbock Lager

VICTORIA, BC – Category 12 Brewing has announced the return of a seasonally appropriate installment in its Periodic Series of limited edition beers.

Doppelbock Lager (7.4% abv):

While many of us have turned away from old traditions, certain elements appear to endure. The history of the doppelbock lager is a case in point. Originally brewed as robust, filling beer to support fasting monks, you’ll find our Periodic Series version showcases all of the toffee, caramel, and toasted notes you expect from a beer the monks referred to as ‘liquid bread’. We find this beer to be an amazing, easy-drinking and pleasantly malty lager that is a perfect transition to the season… whether or not you observe Lent!

Doppelbock Lager is available now at the Category 12 taproom, retail shop, and online store.

Source & Photo: Category 12 Brewing

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