The Establishment Brewing Company Releases Viva Forever NEPA with Phantasm

CALGARY, AB – The Establishment Brewing Company has announced the release of a new beer that celebrates International Women’s Day with a bit of girl power.

Viva Forever New England Pale Ale with Phantasm (5.1% abv):

People of the world, spice up your life! Preferably with this pretty little New England Pale Ale. Feeling together, believing whatever, the women of Establishment brewed this using Pink Boots Society 2022 hop blend and some fun, new-tech ingredients. These Pink Boots are thiol-high, something we reckon the Spice Girls would approve of.

We called upon the thiol-enhancing wizardry that is Phatasm to kick things up a hop. And, as a first for us, we put Cosmic Punch, a thiolized yeast from Omega Yeast, to the test—which it passed with flying colours. With fresh grain and floral wafts skimming the top of a well of juicy stone fruit, passionfruit, guava flavours, it hits the palate like a fruit salad tossed in a citrus and sauvignon blanc dressing.

If you haven’t picked it up yet, the trend of this beer is “only the best’ and the malt is no exception. We used Hogarth pilsner which was freshly malted mere days before the brew. It isn’t news that the fresher the malt, the fresher the taste, but super fresh malt also tends to pack more thiols that serve up a bright tropical aroma that cannot, and will not, be missed in the finished beer.

Viva Forever is available now at the Establishment taproom, retail shop, and online store.

Source & Photo: The Establishment Brewing Company

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