Good Robot Brewing Releases Great Uncle Giggles Pale Ale

HALIFAX, NS – Good Robot Brewing is inviting everyone to “taste the sameness” with a beer that’s sort of new, but also sort of not.

Great Uncle Giggles Pale Ale (5.1% abv):

You loved the orange citrus hop flavour of Uncle Giggles Pale Ale, now taste the same orange citrus hop flavour of Great Uncle Giggles Pale Ale. Yeah, it’s the same beer but we’re making it different now. In the original recipe we used some hop pools in order to maintain that fresh hop taste throughout the beer’s shelf life. Recently we started using a piece of equipment called a hop egg. This allows us to introduce hops to our beer tanks without opening them up and introducing oxygen to the beer. This makes the hop flavours that we choose for this recipe (our only recipe with hop oil) stay fresher tasting longer without having to use hop extracts.

Great Uncle Giggles is available now at Good Robot locations in Halifax and Elmsdale, and via the brewery’s online shop.

Source & Photo: Good Robot Brewing

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