Apex Brewing Releases Dead Woodsman Pale Ale

YELLOWHEAD COUNTY, AB – Apex Brewing has announced the release of an updated version of a beer from the brewery’s early days.

Dead Woodsman Pale Ale (5.2% abv):

Born and brewed in Yellowhead County, the Naked Woodsman was one of our flagship beers when we opened in 2015. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Naked Woodsman died in 2018 and has been known as the Dead Woodsman ever since. But now the Dead Woodsman is back. And he has changed.

Even in death, our beloved woodsman remains a symbol for balanced complexity and refreshing tone. Just like his earthly body was, this pale ale is a beer laid bare; stark in its honesty. This ale conveys a diverse range of flavours, including fresh bread and light caramel malt notes, with bright floral, stone fruit, and sweet citrus hoppiness.

Dead Woodsman is available now at select beer retailers in Alberta.

Source & Photo: Apex Brewing

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