Grain & Grit Beer Co. Releases Bob’s Best Dark Lager

HAMILTON, ON – Grain & Grit Beer Co. has announced that one the beers from its opening line-up back in 2017 is “back… but different!”

Bob’s Best Dark Lager (4.4% abv) is a revamped version of Bob’s Best Bitter, a classic UK pub ale that was inspired by and named after the father of brewery co-owner Lindsey Mrav. It’s described as follows:

We’ve changed up our classic Bob’s recipe for the Spring! For this new batch, we used a lager yeast, rather than an ale yeast. The result is still Bob’s, but it’s brighter, cleaner and crispier than the previous versions. We’re calling this one Bob’s Best Dark Lager, and we think you’re gonna love it just as much as the original.

An English-style lager with aromas of toffee, rye bread, fresh orange zest and caramelized banana, and flavours of over-steeped Orange Pekoe Tea, dried orange peel, walnuts and toasted pumpernickel bread. All of this goodness is wrapped up with a dry, sharp and slightly floral on the finish.

Bob’s Best is available now at the Grain & Grit taproom, retail store, and online shop.

Source & Photo: Grain & Grit Beer Co.

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