Stone Angel Brewing Releases Three Jolly Bargemen English Dark Mild

WINNIPEG, MB – Stone Angel Brewing has announced the release of a rebranded version of a beer that was one of the first to be released by the brewery.

Three Jolly Bargemen English Dark Mild (3.25% abv) is the new name of the beer previously known as Nocturne, and has the following story and description:

As we are redesigning our family of labels, we also decided to change Nocturne’s name to something more Dickensian, to tie it with Miss Havisham and Two Pence HalfPenny, all English style beers. Three Jolly Bargemen being the name of a pub in Great Expectations – we think it’s our kind of pub, riverside or canalside, with a few picnic tables on a patch of grass, maybe pies, definitely Scampi Fries…

We also took the time to slightly evolve the recipe, with the result is Three Jolly Bargemen is a delicious English Dark Mild with a rounder mouthfeel than Nocturne, but still lower alcohol at a shade over 3 percent. A silky smooth, unpretentious, session strength ale with notes of toasted hazelnuts, chocolate and coffee.

Three Jolly Bargemen is available now at the Stone Angel taproom, retail shop, and online store.

Source & Photo: Stone Angel Brewing

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