Great Lakes Brewery Releases The X-Thiols NEIPA

TORONTO, ON – Great Lakes Brewery has announced the release of a new beer along with a promise that “The flavour is out there. You just need to believe.”

The X-Thiols New England IPA (6.6% abv):

There’s some paranormal activity happening over here that we think you should investigate. The suspect? “Thiols”

Thiols are compounds found in the lupulin glands of hops that, when added to the mash, are unlocked by enzymes and changed by a special yeast that morphs the typical hop character into NEW INTENSE FRUIT FLAVOURS. In the case of this particular beer, this new brewing science has resulted in the creation of the exact same essential oils that can also be found in fuzzy peaches.

The X-Thiols will be released today, along with new batches of Sunnyside Session IPA (3.9% abv) and Shining Through New England Pale Ale (4.3% abv), at both Great Lakes Brewery locations and the GLB online store.

Source & Photos: Great Lakes Brewery

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