Settlement Brewing in Vancouver Rebrands as Van Urban Beer Co.

VANCOUVER, BC – A Vancouver brewery that opened in 2014 as Postmark Brewing, and later became known as Settlement Brewing, has now undergone another name change along with the complex where it’s located.

The former Settlement Building has been rebranded as Vancouver Urban, a collective that encompasses the newly named Van Urban Beer Co. along with Vancouver Urban Winery, Van Urban Cider, and Belgard Kitchen restaurant and bar.

“We are excited to bring our manufacturing brands under one umbrella, with a refreshed look and feel, though our brewing philosophy will remain unchanged,” says Ksenia Dempster, Brand Director of Vancouver Urban, in a statement. “This amalgamation will allow us to better tell our unique story – it’s so special to have a restaurant, brewery, urban winery, and cidery all under one roof, especially in the heart of a city.”

As it did under its previous identities, Van Urban will continue to produce several of its own brands – including Preserved Lime Lager (4.8% abv), Hazy Pale Ale (5% abv), Czech Pilsner (5% abv), and NE IPA (7% abv) – while also providing production space for contract and partner brewing.

Vancouver Urban is located at 55 Dunlevy Ave., and is open from 11:30 AM on Monday to Friday, and 10:00 AM on Saturday and Sunday. For more details, see the Van Urban website and Instagram page.

Source & Photos: Vancouver Urban

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