CRAFT Beer Market Founder PJ L’Heureux Receives Knighthood from Confederation of Belgian Brewers

CALGARY, AB – National beer bar and restaurant chain CRAFT Beer Market has announced that its founder, PJ L’Heureux, has received one of the highest honours in the beer world from the Confederation of Belgian Brewers.

L’Heureux has named a Knight of the Brewers’ Paddle, a title that is “given to those who have made significant contributions to the beer industry, acknowledging their dedication and commitment to the craft of beer making, as well as their role in promoting and advancing the industry.” He is one of only five Canadians who have received this title.

“I am truly humbled to receive this honour from the Confederation of Belgian Brewers,” said L’Heureux in a statement. “Even though I was honoured to receive this, it takes hundreds of people to make this possible, and the team at CRAFT are the ones to celebrate. We look forward to continuing to promote the industry and supporting local and international brewers.”

To mark this honour, all CRAFT locations will be hosting Best of Belgium dinners on April 26th or 27th. Presented in partnership with McClelland Premium Imports, the dinners will feature “curated beer pairings that explore the best that Belgium has to offer, accompanied by a bespoke menu to enhance your dining experience.”

For more details, see the Events page on the CRAFT Beer Market website.

Source & Photo: CRAFT Beer Market

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