Superflux Beer Company Issues Recall for Fountainbier Orange Cream

VANCOUVER, BC – Superflux Beer Company has issued a recall for one of its Fountainbier series of soda-inspired beers due to a risk of the cans bursting.

As announced in a post on Instagram, a “wild, unintended yeast” is causing the beer to re-ferment in the cans, which “depending on storage conditions could pop at the seam (the lid) of the can at any time.

The brewery also notes that there is no health risk in drinking the beer, so anyone who has already consumed it shouldn’t be concerned, and any cans that have been stored cold and aren’t bulging can be enjoyed ASAP.

Otherwise, unopened cans should be opened and dumped right away, and proof of purchase brought to the store where the beer was bought where a refund will be issued.

For more details, see the full announcement.

Photo: Superflux Beer Company

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