Last Best Brewing & Distilling Launches Rebranded Packaging

CALGARY, AB – Last Best Brewing & Distilling has launched a new look for its beer and beverage line-up that aims to “highlight Alberta’s spirit of western hospitality but with a modern twist.”

Redesigned cans of core brands including Last Best IPA (6.5% abv), Tokyo Drift Turbocharged IPA (7.2% abv), and ready-to-drink gin cocktails are rolling out now. The new style is also being used for seasonal brands including Cloud Hunter Hazy Pale (5% abv) and the freshly canned Lime Ranger Lime Lager (4.4% abv).

The rebranded Last Best line-up is available now at the brewery retail store, and select beer retailers throughout Alberta.

Source & Photos: Last Best Brewing & Distilling

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