Strange Fellows Brewing Releases Zombie Orchestra Cold IPA

VANCOUVER, BC – Strange Fellows Brewing has announced the release of “a fresh new beer that welcomes Spring (erm, and maybe Summer too?) loud and clear!”

Zombie Orchestra Cold IPA (6.5% abv):

It begins with a tentative peep, followed by a bolder croak. Slowly, inspired by their intrepid leader, the others join in, waking from their icy stupor. And so begins the Spring Chorus, a sure-tell sign that Old Man Winter is making way for the ever-so-lovely Spring. Just as the frogs rise from the dead, we too emerge from the chill to delight in the sun. Should you need any motivation, a sip of this bright, hop-forward beer that’s brewed like a lager but hopped like an IPA is sure to put a spring in your step!

Originating in Portland this new hybrid style aims to merge the hops of an IPA with the crispness of a lager. The use of rice in this brew contributes to its dry light body while the double dry hopping strengthens its bold hop character. Its short-lived and upfront bitterness balances with its crisp and very clean finish.

Zombie Orchestra is available now at the Strange Fellows taproom, retail store and online shop, with distribution to select beer retailers to follow next week.

Source & Photo: Strange Fellows Brewing

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