Town Brewery Releases Town Lager

WHITBY, ON – Town Brewery has announced the release of a classic style lager in a classic style package.

Town Lager (4.6% abv):

Alright, buckle up y’all cause we’re pretty friggin’ excited about this special release. You miss the clinkitty clank of an ice cold bottle rattlin’ around in your back pack? How about that welcoming “pssst”, when you pop that cap off? Well stop wondering why everything’s in cans these days and get your ass down to the brewery and pickup your case of Town Lager stubbies. Let’s celebrate the first warm long weekend of the year, cause you know you’ve earned it and there’s no doubt about that. This bottle conditioned lager is crisp, clean and ready to be crushed – that’s it, that’s all.

Town Lager is available now at the Town Brewery taproom, retail shop, and online store.

Source & Photo: Town Brewery

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