Godspeed Brewery Launches Oberkassel Altbier and Gokurosama Kölsch-Style Ale with Alt vs. Kölsch Event

TORONTO, ON – Godspeed Brewery has announced a special event to mark the release of two traditional German-style beers.

Alt vs. Kölsch is taking place at the brewery today and tomorrow (Thursday May 25th and Friday May 26th) from 12:00 noon until close, and is described as follows:

We’ll be showcasing our Oberkassel Altbier and Gokurosama Kölsch-Style Ale in 20cl stange glassware. As is tradition, after picking your choice of beer our servers will continue to replace empty glasses with full ones until you’ve had your fill, which you can signal by topping your glass with your coaster. At the end of your session, we encourage you to vote for your favourite: Alt or Kölsch?

In addition to tapping the two new beers, Godspeed will also be filling a stichfaß (a small wooden keg used for traditional gravity pours of German lagers) with Ibushi Godspeed-Style Helles for attendees to enjoy.

For more details on the beers and event, see the Godspeed Brewery Instagram page.

Source & Photo: Godspeed Brewery

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