9 Mile Legacy Brewing Closing Taproom in Saskatoon

SASKATOON, SK9 Mile Legacy Brewing has announced that it will be closing its nanobrewery and taproom on 20th Street in Saskatoon in order to focus exclusively on its larger production brewing operation.

Brewery co-founder Shawn Moen told Global News that the company had been trying to sell the location as a turnkey startup brewery since last fall, but with no successful buyer, it was decided to close down and put the whole building on the market.

“It is very emotional saying goodbye to this place,” said Moen. “We poured blood, sweat, and tears into getting it up and running. I am going to miss the camaraderie in this place. When the house is full, people are sharing beer and we have a live show, it is like being in a roadhouse.”

9 Mile Legacy was launched in 2015 by Moen and Garrett Pederson in a business incubator in Saskatoon’s Riversdale neighbourhood, and moved to the 20th Street location in 2017. Two years later, with the nanobrewery no longer able to keep up with demand, a production brewery was opened on 21st Street.

The last day of service at the 9 Mile Legacy taproom will be on Sunday June 4th.

For more details, see the full Global News article, and the 9 Mile Legacy Facebook page.

Source: Global News
Photo: 9 Mile Legacy Brewing

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