Breton Brewing Releases 2023 Edition of Bottle Conditioned Stirling Hefeweizen

SYDNEY, NS – Breton Brewing has released this year’s bottling of a special edition of a beer from the brewery’s earliest days.

Bottle Conditioned Stirling Hefeweizen (4.6% abv):

When Breton Brewing opened our doors in 2015, one of the first beers we released was our award-winning Stirling Hefeweizen. This limited edition version is the same authentic German Hefeweizen you know and love, but bottle conditioned to keep the fresh flavours of banana and clove alive all season long! The bottle conditioning method involves a several-week conditioning process, allowing the carbonation to build inside the bottle to a perfectly refreshing level. This is the traditional European method.

Bottle Conditioned Stirling Hefeweizen is available now at the Breton taproom, retail store, and online shop.

Source & Photo: Breton Brewing

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