Four Fathers Brewing Launches Move Ukraine Campaign for Relief Efforts in Ukraine

CAMBRIDGE, ON – Four Fathers Brewing has announced the launch of a new global craft brewing initiative to raise funds for humanitarian efforts in war-torn Ukraine.

Move Ukraine is being co-sponsored by Four Fathers, Wisconsin Brewing Company, and, a charitable foundation that provides the following background details on its mission and work:

In February 2022, Russia launched a horrendous war that started what has become a 16+ month relentless attack on the people, the culture, the infrastructure and the very fabric of Ukraine. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians lost their homes initially, stretching to over 1.5 million homes destroyed by indiscriminate bombing and missile attacks by years end. In May of 2022, John and Tuscia Shmorhun, along with Andy Kuzich, started MoveUkraine. All three were long time residents of Ukraine, having lived there between 10 and 25 years. They saw a great unmet need to find good housing for all of the Internal Displaced Persons (IDPs), mostly women, children and seniors. Most of the men were fighting the war.

MoveUkraine is a 501c3-based charity, whose goal is to re-purpose existing buildings that need repair to turn them into housing that allow these families, orphans and those that have lost their homes to live in dignity. The homes are located in western and northern Ukraine, which is a safe zone. IDPs continue to stream from the battle torn areas of eastern and southern Ukraine. The recent terrorist destruction of the Kakhovka Dam has dramatically increased the need for support. Since May of 2022, MoveUkraine has completed 9 projects, with another 11 in various stages of completion. These projects are being done in concert with local municipalities, to ensure continuity of support for the residents and IDPs.

Similar to initiatives such as All Together, Brave Noise and Black Is Beautiful, Move Ukraine encourages breweries around the world to brew and release a version of the official campaign beer – a strong pilsner brewed with sunflower seeds, honouring the national flower of Ukraine – and donate a percentage of proceeds to

The Four Fathers version of Move Ukraine Pilsner with Sunflower Seeds (6% abv) – described as “a refreshing and drinkable summer pilsner to showcase the passion and hope of the Ukrainian people” – is available now at the Four Fathers taproom, retail store, and online shop. Partial sales will be contributed to

Source & Photo: Four Fathers Brewing

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