United Craft and Niagara Falls Craft Distilling Launch United Niagara Beverages Partnership

TORONTO & NIAGARA FALS, ON – United Craft, a Toronto-based company that owns and represents a number of Ontario beer and beverage brands, and craft spirits producer Niagara Falls Craft Distillers have announced the launch of a new joint venture.

United Niagara Beverages is a partnership that will aim “to pursue an accelerated path for product innovation, manufacturing, selling and distribution of made-in-Ontario craft beverages.”

As further described in a news release:

United Niagara Beverages will enable more nimble product development and timely, efficient production of various new beverages. In addition, it will allow for the launch of sales initiatives into new channels and geographies beyond Ontario, more aggressive marketing, and expanded distribution with existing retailers. United Niagara Beverages will also offer contract production and sales services to other independent Ontario producers in both alcohol and non alcohol segments to help get their products to market. The new company also intends to pursue any necessary additional federal/provincial licenses to enable production and sale of any beverage across the omni channel throughout Canada. The launch of both a physical retail store and an online store is planned in the coming months.

“We really value United Craft’s commitment to innovation and their ability to create, launch and then broadly distribute compelling branded products consumers are clamoring for,” said Andy Murison, CEO of Niagara Falls Craft Distillers, in a statement. “Their expertise, combined with our 50+ years of senior leadership production experience, will position United Niagara Beverages as an innovation incubator to bring dynamic new products to market faster and quicker.”

“When exploring new product development, you first must create a solid concept the consumer is really interested in, then create the best flavour while finding the best way to produce it cost effectively,” added Pat Macdonald, CEO of United Craft. “This new partnership enables United Craft to transition to brick-and-mortar while teaming up with a renowned partner. We can realize new ideas faster for ourselves and others.”

For more details on United Niagara Beverages and the services it will offer, see the UNB website.

Source & Photo: United Niagara Beverages

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