Les 3 Brasseurs/The 3 Brewers Releases Jozo-ka! Hefeweizen

MONTREAL, QC – Les 3 Brasseurs/The 3 Brewers has announced the release of its latest monthly feature beer, which continues the cinema-inspired theme of the last few installments in the series.

Jozo-ka! Hefeweizen (5% abv):

German-style wheat-based beer brewed with a Bavarian yeast that gives it strong flavors of banana and clove. Sabro hops intensify the fruity character of this beer, with nuances of elderflower that unfold as well.

Jozo-ka! is on tap now at all Les 3 Brasseurs/The 3 Brewers locations in Quebec and Ontario, with cans also available for take-home purchase.

Source & Photo: Les 3 Brasseurs/The 3 Brewers

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