Pile O’ Bones Brewing and Nokomis Craft Ales Announce Merger

REGINA & NOKOMIS, SKPile O’ Bones Brewing and Nokomis Craft Ales have announced that they have merged operations, a move that “positions the companies for greater efficiencies by combining their distribution, administrative, accounting and sales teams and gives the companies increased purchasing power to better withstand the rising costs of ingredients and packaging.”

The announcement notes that the two brewing facilities will continue to operate independently under their own brands. Jeff Allport will remain as President and CEO of Nokomis, and will oversee operations there, while the Pile O’ Bones ownership team including Josh Morrison, Brent Babyak, Nathan Kary, and Glenn Valgardson will remain in place at the Regina-based brewery.

“We have been friends since our homebrewing days, long before either of us went pro,” said Morrison in a statement. “We have always been impressed by Jeff’s brewing talent and the amount of work it took to build his business as a one man operation and we’re excited to work together in a more formal sort of way.”

“We see big things ahead for both of our businesses,” added Allport. “This was really a 2+2=5 sort of deal for both of us, and I’m excited to bring Nokomis products to more people across Saskatchewan and beyond”.

For more details, see the social media pages for Pile O’ Bones Brewing (Facebook & Instagram) and Nokomis Craft Ales (Facebook & Instagram).

Source & Photo: Pile O’ Bones Brewing

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