Halcyon Barrel House Releases Shifting Sands Aronia Blend

VANKLEEK HILL, ON – Halcyon Barrel House, the off-shoot of Beau’s Brewing dedicated to mixed fermentation and barrel-aged beers, has announced the latest release in its Shifting Sands series of fruited sour ales.

Shifting Sands Aronia Blend (6.5% abv):

Aronia berries are the highlight fruit in this brand-new edition of Shifting Sands. Aromas are plum-like with undertones of woodiness and red wine. The flavours are sweet upfront but quickly transition to intense fruit acidity and tannins with moderate lingering sourness.

Shifting Sands Aronia Blend is available now at the Beau’s taproom, retail store, and online shop.

Source & Photo: Beau’s Brewing

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