Propeller Brewing Releases Southbound New Zealand IPA

HALIFAX, NS – Propeller Brewing has announced the release of a new beer to mark IPA Day 2023.

Southbound New Zealand IPA (7% abv):

Brewed in collaboration with our friends at Yakima Chief Hops™ to showcase their highly sought-after hops grown across farms in New Zealand, and to celebrate their new worldwide partnership with NZ Hops.™

Southbound is your passport to the captivating landscapes and vibrant flavours of New Zealand in this new-world IPA. Transport your senses and enjoy notes of gooseberry, white grapes, and a burst of crushed lime citrus and passion fruit.

Southbound is available now at Propeller retail shops, the brewery’s online store, and private beer retailers in Nova Scotia.

Source & Photo: Propeller Brewing

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