Muskoka Brewery Moonlight Kettle Series Continues with Evergreen Elixir Spruce Tip Pilsner

BRACEBRIDGE, ON – Muskoka Brewery has announced the latest release in its monthly Moonlight Kettle Series of limited edition small batch beers.

Evergreen Elixir Spruce Tip Pilsner (5.5% abv):

Brewing beer with Spruce Tips can be traced as far back as ancient Scandinavia, and was among the first ingredients used when producing beers in North America. Incorporating Spruce Tips in August’s Moonlight Kettle lends a bright citrusy kick to the flavour of the beer and acts as a great reflection of Canadian terroir and cuisine. Evergreen Elixir pours to be a warm, sunset-hued gold with a fluffy white head atop. The aroma has both earthy and citrus notes, supported by a toasty backdrop. The flavour showcases sweet biscuity malt driven notes that are balanced by the pop of citrusy spruce tips, black pepper, and recently chopped down pine trees. The beer is a great refresher with it’s bright spruce-punch and high carbonation.

Evergreen Elixir is available now at the Muskoka Brewery retail store and online shop.

Source & Photo: Muskoka Brewery

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